ALAIME promotes special event on “School Chaplaincy”

The Latin American Association of Methodist Institutions of Education (ALAIME) is promoting a special event focusing on the work of School Chaplains in Latin America. For more information and registration, fill out the program form:

The event includes a talk by The Rev. Dr. Luis Cardoso, who has a long experience in the field, having served as chaplain of schools, colleges, and universities – including the Methodist University of Piracicaba (UNIMEP) – and as President of the Brazilian Association of University Pastoral Services (CONAPEU). Moreover, Dr. Cardoso has served as a Professor at Methodist Institutions, President of ALAIME, and Executive Director of the Latin American Office of the Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership Development (MGEFLD) as well as staff person for the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) and the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM). Currently, Dr. Cardoso is serving as missionary and educator at the Crandon School in Salto, Uruguay.

ALAIME was established in 1997 as an organization bringing together the Methodist schools, colleges, and universities in Latin America. The association seeks to promote the integration and the unity among Methodist Educational Institutions. Moreover, it aims at stimulating and promoting the cooperation and the exchange in spiritual, academic, administrative and cultural aspects. TYo achieve these goals, ALAIME creates opportunities to exchange experiences, supports the training courses, seminars, and meetings, and supports actions and programs that create alternatives for the growth and development of the educational institutions.