Brazilian Methodist Educational System (COGEIME) seeks to reconnect with IAMSCU

After experiencing a time of crisis and a complex situation in the relationship with the Brazilian Methodist Church and its educational institutions, coupled with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the situation in the country appears to be evolving in a different and hopefully more positive direction. In 2020, information about this crisis was made public in various circles, but IAMSCU continued to be open to stay in conversation with the leadership of COGEIME (the Brazilian Network of Methodist Institutions). More recently, there has been a change of leadership of COGEIME and the incoming group has reached out to IAMSCU to propose a new phase in their relationship, especially as they rethink Methodist education in Brazil and develop new plans for the future. IAMSCU’s role at this moment is to listen to the various parties, knowing that the future of Methodist education in Brazil will depend on how things evolve locally. Nevertheless, institutions in Brazil could benefit from engaging in conversations with the vast network to global partners (ALAIME, GBHEM, IAMSCU, APAMEI, etc.) as they chart their future. The economic challenges are immense, but IAMSCU and COGEIME are open to dialogue in order to help students, faculty, staff, leadership, partners, and church representatives work together to prepare a new moment for Methodist education in Brazil. 

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