Colegio Ward (Buenos Aires) receives Award from the YMCA in Argentina

Colegio Ward, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, received the annual “Citizenship and Values” award, given by the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), which recognizes individuals and institutions from civil society who stand out for their work and contributions in building citizenship. The award was instituted nearly two decades ago. This year it was awarded to Ward College, according to the YMCA, for being a “prestigious, century-old academic institution closely linked to the Methodist and Disciples of Christ churches, which throughout its fruitful history has maintained important ties to the movement of the YMCA of Argentina”.

The ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 6 in the afternoon in the auditorium of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. A broad and representative delegation attended by the Ward College made up of authorities from the Board of Directors, the General Director, Ms. Adriana Murriello, Prof. Elsa Bauman de Mendizábal (General Director 2001-2007), directors of various educational levels, families, students, the President of SEACW and other alumni and friends.

Lic. Adriana Murriello, President of Colegio Ward, receiving the YMCA  Award (Photo: Ward)
Lic. Adriana Murriello, President of Colegio Ward, receiving the YMCA Award (Photo: Ward)

This award is very important, also in light of the recent history of the country. In 2023, Argentina celebrates 40 years of its new democratic experience, which emerged after a long military dictatorship, persecution of citizens, and disappearance of many young leaders who were tortured and assassinated by the State. During this year, Argentinean civil society is emphasizing the importance of “collective memory,” so these events may never be repeated again. As part of this process, civil society has also recognized the role of the Methodist Church in Argentina and its educational institutions during those times, when Methodism was recognized as a defender of Human Rights and Human Dignity. 

As is the custom of the YMCA with this award, it was delivered by the winner of the previous year, the Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic, in the hands of its President, Aníbal Ankah. This is also testimony to the ecumenical vocation of the YMCA, a value shared by our College. In her acceptance of the award, the General Director of Colegio Ward, Ms. Adriana Murriello, highlighted with gratitude the importance of this award which in fact recognizes an entire institutional trajectory that celebrates 110 years in 2023. For more information on the award, visit the institutional website: