Happy New Year from IASMCU!

The IAMSCU Board of Directors approved a new logo for the association as a way of commemorating IAMSCU’s 30th anniversary (1991-2021). Starting in the New Year, the association will be using the new logo to celebrate this milestone and prepare for the IAMSCU Triennial Conference, scheduled for August 2022 in Sweden. Throughout the year, IAMSCU members will be receiving more details and information on various activities, events, programs, and other initiatives leading to the conference. As we begin a new year with new resolutions, IAMSCU also encourages its members to renew their membership, pay their dues, and use the new logo as a way of showing their connection to a global network of more than 1,000 institutions worldwide, which continues the Wesleyan legacy in education, which began at Oxford University in 1720.

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