he Meeting of Methodist Theological Schools in Europe concludes the IAMSCU Conference

The Methodist Theological Schools in Europe (MTSE) planned their Annual Business Meeting in conjunction with the IAMSCU Conference. This event was organized in a hybrid format, allowing for both onsite and onscreen. The event includes the participation of 22 persons representing the various theological institutions, affiliated organizations, autonomous churches, and connections in Europe. During the meeting, participants discussed documents previously circulated, voted on the new leadership of the network, and discussed new forms of collaboration – including connections among staff, faculty and students as well as a way of strongly affirming the Wesleyan heritage in theological education.

MTSE Business Meeting at Wesley House, Cambridge (Photo: Amos Nascimento)

Participants scheduled a first session to update each other briefly about the joys and challenges that face people and institutions in Europe. They also planned to spend time identifying how MTSE can be of benefit to our institutions and to us as leaders in theological education. Among many topics, MTSE members discussed about funds from the European Union, participation in the ERASMUS program, partnership with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) as well as the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM), work with the Regional Hubs for Leadership, Education, and Development (LEAD Hubs), and the European E-Academy. In terms of formal business, MTSE members were hoping to update their Statement of Purpose, election information sheet, and other formalities.

Online participants in the MTSE Business Meeting (Photo: Amos Nascimento)

MTSE elected Hilde Marie Movafagh as its new President and the representatives of various other institutions as members of the MTSE Co-ordinating Committee. As the outgoing President, Janet Unsworth expressed her thanks to the network members, including the Vice-President, Geordan Hammond, and the Secretary, Michael Nausner. As the new President, Hilde Marie Movafagh shared her views about the future and made a plea for more participatory work, greater networking, and exchanges with other networks worldwide.

For information on the program, visit the conference website: 2023methodistschools.org.uk. To watch the conference sessions and events, see https://2023methodistschools.org.uk/index.php/watch-the-conference/. For any other questions, please contact the conference organization at bookings@2023methodistconference.org.uk or iamscu@iamscu.org.