IAMSCU Board of Directors approves new logo to celebrate Association’s 30th Anniversary

During the IAMSCU Board of Directors business meeting, representatives from various parts of the world selected the new IAMSCU logo. The new design involved consultations with the Communications Team at the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), discussions with the IAMSCY Executive Committee, and was proposed to the IAMSCU Board of Directors to mark the 30th anniversary of the association. IAMSCU was established in 1991, in Singapore, and its old logo has been in use for decades. The new logo will provide a symbol for the new moment in the life of the association, as it is adapting itself to a new beginning after the COVID-19 pandemic, reimagining itself, and resetting its programs for the future. After discussions of various proposals with members, designers, and the Executive Committee, a few options were presented to members of the Board of Directors, who selected and approved the new logo unanimously. The new design not only updates the old version with more contemporary styles, but it also reaffirms important values held by the association, especially its global dimension.

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