IAMSCU Board of Directors discusses proposals for IAMSCU events in 2022 and 2023

The IAMSCU Board of Directors is adapting its conference plans in light of the WMC decision to postpone the WMC Conference in Sweden in 2022 and the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. A proposal was made, received, and approved to hold an IAMSCU Conference at Kingswood School in 2023 as a way to celebrate the 275th anniversary of the founding of this institution: the first Methodist school, established by John Wesley himself in 1748. At the same time, members of the IAMSCU Board of Directors considered it important to recognize and value all the work done to plan an event in 2022. This matter is being discussed by the Organizing Committee in Scandinavia, the Methodist Theological Schools in Europe (MTSE), and the host institutions, which will be redefining the scope of the event planned for 2022. President Tom Wolfe addressed this matter and appreciated the connections created with partners in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark as well as other countries in Europe. Under his guidance, the Organizing Committee is entertaining the idea of having a smaller event in Sweden in 2022, honoring all these connections and focusing on themes that are so intrinsically related to the Scandinavian context, including new initiatives to address climate change and its impact on the indigenous populations of Northern Europe. No decision has been made yet, but a recommendation will be brought to the IAMSCU Board of Directors in the near future.

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