IAMSCU celebrates “World Human Rights Day”

The International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges, and Universities (IAMSCU) continues to support Human Rights worldwide. To celebrate the “World Human Rights Day” on December 10, the IAMSCU Network on Human Rights continued its meeting series, reflected on the importance of initiatives in this area, and discussed the projects and activities it will be implementing in 2022. The group is now focusing on publications of research in the field, an ongoing academic program, and an international seminar to be held in August 2022. 

The agenda of the IAMSCU Human Rights Network includes the following items:

  1. Introduction: Brief Reflections on “World Human Rights Day”
  2. Updates on initiatives and experiences on Human Rights, Vaccine Equity, and COVID-19
  3. Presentation: Publication Project on “Intercultural Perspectives on Human Rights”
  4. Plans for “International Seminar on Human Rights” in Stockholm (August4-7, 2022) 
  5. Plans for Human Rights sessions during the IAMSCU Conference at Kingswood, UK (April 26-30, 2023)
  6. Scheduling of Prof. Machakanja’s talk on “Human Rights in Africa”
  7. Involvement of students and a new generation of scholars
  8. Recommendations and Conclusion

Members of the IAMSCU Network on Human Rights is also celebrating the publication of a new book by one of its members. Professor Johannes Morsink, a leading international expert on the discussions and drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has just published a new book: Article by Article: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights for a New Generation [Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights] (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2021). 

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