IAMSCU Human Rights Network Meets to Plan Conference in Stockholm, Sweden

The Network of scholars involved I teaching, research, and service on Human Rights at the institutions affiliated with IAMSCU is continuing its meetings to plan a conference to be held in Stockholm on August 6, 2022. This event is planned in connection with the IAMSCU Conference 2022, to take in place on Gothenburg, Sweden, on August 7-10, 2022. The IAMSCU Network on Human Rights was created in 2014 to bring together outstanding scholars working in this field, who have a long history of advocacy and publications on human rights. Among various scholars around the world, the network includes Professor Mab Huang (Soochow University, Taiwan), Professor Elizabeth Bounds (Emory University, USA), Professor Kjell Åke Nordquist (Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm, Sweden), Pamela Machakanja (Africa University, Zimbabwe), Hans Morsink (Drew University, USA), and many others. The conference in Stockholm is being organized by Kjell Åke Nordquist with the support of the Department of Human Rights of the Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm. This department is a growing example of the importance of Human Rights Education around the world and participants in the conference will have an opportunity to learn more about the work done in this area. For more information, contact Professor Kjell Åke Nordquist (kjell-ake@nordquist.se).

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