IAMSCU Human Rights Network publicizes its Report

The Human Rights Network of the International Association of Methodist Scholls, Colleges, and
Universities (IAMSCU) met in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2022, hosted by the University
College Stockholm / Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm (UCS). The event brought together scholars from
different parts of the world to discuss about Human Rights in the Wesleyan tradition, the rights of
Indigenous Peoples in Scandinavia, and the reality of war as well as prospects for peace and conflict
resolution in Europe. The highlight of the conference were the presentations focusing on the rights
of Sámi Peoples in Scandinavia. The network was gathered again on November 3, 2022 to evaluate
its activities, discuss the results of its meeting in Sweden, and plan its participation in the Joint
IAMSCU-MSN Conference in England, to be held between April 25 and May 2. The network also
issued its report on the Stockholm meeting.