IAMSCU prepares for its 2023 International Conference in the UK

The Joint Steering Committee appointed by IAMSCU and the leadership of the Network of Methodist Schools in the United Kingdom is continuing its work to prepare, implement, and evaluate the plans for the Joint Conference scheduled for April 25 to May 2, 2023 at Kingswood School in Bath, England. This is the first Methodist school founded by John Wesley in 1748, which will be celebrating its 275th anniversary in 2023. 

The Joint Steering Committee includes representatives from around the world: Adriana Murriello (Argentina), Jørgen Thaarup (Norway), Christopher Stephens (England), Jane Leach (England), Brad Fenner (Australia), Amos Nascimento (Brazil/USA), Kimberly Lord (USA). The committee also includes many representatives from the United Kingdom:  David Humphreys (MIST), Barbara Easton (MAST), Julie-Ann Hewitt (Epworth Trust), Andrew Gordon-Brown (Kingswood Headmaster), Gary Best (New Room), Sue Roxby (MIST), and Sandra Commins (MIST). Members of the IAMSCU Board of Directors complement this group, bringing perspectives from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.

The Steering Committee has developed a concept for the conference, which includes three components: Primary and Secondary Education, Higher Education, and Theological Education. Events will be held at three locations in England: London, Bath/Bristol, and Cambridge.

The Committee is also working with representatives from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America, who will be contributing to themes such as climate change, chaplaincy, Wesleyan tradition, social justice, primary and secondary education, and many others. The registration website will be launched soon. For any questions on the program, contact Sue Roxby (SRoxby@methodistschools.org.uk).