IAMSCU Strategic Planning Process is moving forward

After having held a meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee in July, the three subcommittees have been working to put their plans into practice. The Autonomy & Fundraising subcommittee (led by Fayneese Miller and Janet Unsworth) has been focusing on more conceptual questions regarding autonomy, collaboration, and planning, before engaging in specific concerns regarding fundraising. The Collaborations subcommittee (led by Jamisse Taimo and Paul Shew), is also preparing its future activities by focusing on creating a framework first, which is based on the academic tricolon of teaching, research, and service and will be applied in a contextual way by recruiting participants from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Latin American and the Caribbean, and North America. The committee working on Visibly Re-Imagining the Wesleyan Heritage (led by Jeffrey Kuan and Geordan Hammond) has been very active and has already recruited a very diverse group of Wesleyan scholars from around the world in order to discuss how the Wesleyan tradition is applied to education in different ways, according to contextual differences. These committees are doing great work that will shape the association for years to come, setting the stage for its future. The Strategic Planning Committee is reporting to the full IAMSCU Board of Directors and will continue its meetings throughout the year.