Institutions worldwide develop new strategies to address the global pandemic of COVID-19

Institutions related to IAMSCU partnered with the GBHEM LEAD Hubs to organize virtual meetings and webinars reporting on COVID-19 and gathering information on the impact of COVID-19 in China, Japan, South Korea, and Philippines as well as the United States, England, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil. As the novel coronavirus disease affected various educational institutions, churches, business, and people, many institutions developed new ways to support vulnerable individuals and groups during the pandemic. They also developed new ways to promote teaching and learning.

IAMSCU has taken similar initiatives. The association decided to relax and slow down the process of collecting dues for 2020 as a way of expressing solidarity with member institutions that are facing many challenges during this period and focusing on other priorities. This information has been shared with members worldwide. As IAMSCU plans its future, the association will be reconnecting with its members, showing the membership benefits, and campaigning for the payment of arrears and ongoing dues at the appropriate time. The association is also planning a new fundraising initiative.