June is a Time of Celebration for Methodist Education

The month of June marks an important period for Methodist education around the world. In both the Northern hemisphere as well as in the South hemisphere, schools, colleges, seminaries, and universities are concluding important activities. 

In the Northern hemispheres, many institutions in the United States celebrate their Commencements and Graduations in the second part of May and early June while in European countries, these activities happen in either June or mid-July. In both cases, this marks the end of the academic year. After a Summer break, a new academic shall start between August and September. In the Southern hemisphere, this period marks the end of the Summer semester and the beginning of the Winter break during the month of July. Classes resume in August and continue until December. There are some exceptions to these cases, either to particular calendars, alternative curricula, or also due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In any case, this period marks an important pause, when educators conclude either a semester or a year, then having the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved break. This moment is also celebrated with many activities such as the reunion of alumni, special lectures, graduation ceremonies, and other important events. As we learn about Methodist education worldwide, we join the various institutions affiliated to IAMSCU and congratulate them, as they conclude a challenging period with many victories over difficult challenges.

We wish all the students, faculty, staff, and administrators a good break, be it Winter or Summer!