Latin American Association (ALAIME) meets Online

The Latin American Association of Methodist Educational Institutions (ALAIME) promoted a “Virtual Meeting with Latin American Students” on September 30, focusing on challenges faced by students during the COVID-19 pandemic. ALAIME also held its International Congress in a virtual format on October 2, focusing on the theme “Caring for Education Today and Tomorrow” [Cuidar la Educación Hoy y Mañana]. The keynote speeches by Carlos Skliar and Raúl Sosa Niz dealt with the challenges emerging in Latin America during the pandemic, the need to promote care through education, and the theological perspectives that can guide schools, colleges, seminaries, and universities as they face these challenges.

ALAIME has also been promoting weekly online events, meetings, student activities, lectures, and various other initiatives. For more detail, visit ALAIME’s website:

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