Methodist Church in Argentina discusses “Challenges of Methodism in Latin America”

The Center of Wesleyan Studies at the Universidad Metodista del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano (UCEL) is promoting an online discussion about the challenges presented to the Latin American context to the Methodist tradition as well as the challenges that this context brings to Methodism. This discussion is very timely, especially due to many questions related to how the biblical tradition, Christianity, and John Wesley are being interpreted in Latin America today, and how particular readings of the Bible and of Wesleyan theology may affect positions related to many changes being observed in society today. 

Many Latin American countries are being exposed to theological tensions coming from the Northern hemisphere, are facing political movements and elections during this year, are involved in debates about constitutional issues, and faced with many issues regarding human rights, gender equality, political oppression, and economic difficulties that need to be addressed with urgency, The discussion will include Miguel U. Moscoso (Chile), Nancy Cardoso (Brazil/Angola), Daniel Bruno (Argentina), and the moderation of Cluadia Pose and Viviana Pinto.

This will be a space for the exchange of ideas about the Latin American context as it faces neoliberal challenges and the role that Methodist churches can play all over the continent. This is an opportunity to think about current problems and alternative solutions to them. To join the discussion on September 30 at 19:30 (Argentinean/Brazilian time) via Zoom, please register here or contact Daniel Bruno at