MISEN installs two Boards/Committees

IAMSCU’s Methodist International Student Exchange Network (MISEN) continues to work, having monthly meetings, activities, and online events for international students and international officers at Methodist institutions of education. The network has now installed the officers of its two Boards: The Advisory Board and the Executive Board. 

  1. MISEN Advisory Board
  • Herman Felton (Wiley College, TX, USA)
  • Rowanne Marie (Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary, South Africa)
  • Leticia Bourges (Universidad del Centro Latinoamericano, Argentina)
  • Saralyn Desmet (Wesleyan College, USA)
  • Eduardo Bousson (Nebraska Wesleyan University, USA)
  • Kina Mallard (GBHEM)
  • Tammy Gieselman (GBHEM)
  1. MISEN Executive Board
  • Anne-Marie Bruner-Tracey (Centenary College, LA, USA), Convenor
  • Vanessa Martins (UMESP, Brazil), Co-Convenor
  • Wehnam Dabale (AU, Zimbabwe), Africa Representative
  • David Reedy (Aoyama, Japan), Asia Representative
  • Sam McBratney (Roehampton, UK), Europe Representative
  • José Gonzalez (UMAD, Mexico), Latin America Representative
  • Michelle Raphoon (LaGrange, USA), North America Representative

For more information on MISEN activities or to learn more about how to join the network, contact Anne-Marie Bruner-Tracey: abrunertracey@centenary.edu  

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