The IAMSCU Board of Directors honors President Tom Wolfe with the Yamada Award

On April 25, 2023, the IAMSCU Board of Directors met in Southlands College, at the University of Roehampton. During the meeting, the Board of Directors heard from Greg Bergquist about the strong partnership between IAMSCU and GBHEM; welcomed Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, who talked about the partnership between IAMSCU and the WMC; heard about the detailed program for the IAMSCU Conference in London, Bristol, and Cambridge; received and approved the IAMSCU Strategic Assessment prepared and submitted by three committees; received the report from the Nomination Committee about the election process; and unanimously approved a slight change in the Bylaws, providing more flexibility for the future terms of IAMSCU’s officers. 

At the end of the meeting, the Board of Directors had an Executive Session for which the IAMSCU President recused himself. During this session, the Board of Directors received a report from the Nominating Committee, which shared information about the IAMSCU awards and stated that it had received a nomination for the Ken Yamada Award, which was still open. Dr. Gerald Lord informed that the IAMSCU President, Tom Wolfe, had been nominated and the materials justifying the nomination, his credentials, and the criteria for the award where shared with Board members. This session was led by the IAMSCU Vice-President, Adriana Murriello. The members of the Board of Directors not only approved unanimously to bestow the award upon Tom Wolfe but also gave him a standing ovation, recognizing his outstanding leadership and visionary contribution to IAMSCU, preparing it for the future.

The IAMSCU Board of Directors also decided that it will be organizing an event still in 2023, during which it could count on the presence of Dr. Ken Yamada (Japan), who will deliver the award named after him in person. The date and location will be defined soon.