The Methodist University of Angola (UMA) is Hiring Women Scientists

The Methodist University of Angola (UMA), located in Luanda, Angola, has many open positions for faculty in various areas of expertise. The university is making an effort to hire more women and, therefore, it has a launched a special campaign to attract qualified women, holders of Masters and Doctoral degrees. The campaign moto is “Here Women Do Science.”

The Methodist University of Angola (UMA) has roots dating back to 1885, when Bishop William Taylor arrived in the region with 45 women and men on a mission to create schools, hospitals, and churches in service to the Kimbundu people. This initial work led to the establishment of initiatives in Luanda, along the Kwanza River, in Nhangue-a-Pepe, Quiongua, Quéssua, Hombo-a-Njinji, Mufuque, and Mucondo, all based on self-support. This educational endeavor led to the formation of many leaders who not only served the Methodist Church, but also contributed to the liberation and independence of Angola. With a goal to overcome the colonial rule and its influence on the minds and actions of many generations, the Church made a commitment to provide education and formation for indigenous leaders, to encourage the emancipation of women, and to protect children and the youth. This led to the creation of the Methodist University of Angola (UMA), which received its university charter in 2007. Today, UMA is a large university in the country capital, with academic programs in Engineering and Architecture, Social and Juridical Sciences, Health and Well-Being, and Theology. These four Schools offer 22 undergraduate degrees, 6 Graduate programs at the Master’s level, and a Doctoral Program. UMA is an example in promoting the leadership of women in Africa. Its first President was a woman, and the current is Dr. Martha Nyanungo Sambanje. She studied in Zimbabwe, Cuba, Germany, and Portugal, where she earned degrees in Biological Sciences, Molecular Science, and a PhD in Education. Based on this history and example, UMA is now opening its doors to more women faculty. For more details, please visit the university website at