As it has been widely reported, the world now faces a global pandemic of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This unprecedented global health crisis is changing education dramatically, forcing schools, colleges, theological seminaries, and universities to adapt quickly to a new reality – which includes keeping students, staff, faculty, and communities safe and transitioning to distance education. Institutions have cancelled or postponed events worldwide and regional associations of Methodist education in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America made similar decisions. Therefore, IAMSCU has cancelled the meeting of its Board of Directors (planned for June 2020) and is working to decide whether August 2021 is still appropriate as a date for its International Conference.

IAMSCU we will move forward in solidarity with its members and work together with them to educate people on how to stay healthy, safe, and connected. With this purpose in mind, we are sharing educational information on COVID-19, prepared by Dr. Richard Nisbett and other Methodist health experts, who graciously shared their time and expertise with our worldwide community.
For any questions or information, please contact iamscu@iamscu.org