World Methodist Council postpones its WMC Conference scheduled for 2022

The WMC Conference in Sweden, which was scheduled to be held on August 11-14, 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been postponed. In its First Friday Newsletter on the First Friday of September, the World Methodist Council has now made public a recent decision of the WMC Steering Committee. The Rev. Martyn Atkins, Program Organizer for the WMC, formally shared with constituents that there was great expectation and overwhelming support for the conference, which would be focusing on the motive “On the Move” and include discussions on the theme Migration, Pilgrimage and Illumination – lights that guide us. However, due to the challenges and opportunities related to global COVID-19 pandemic, many countries are now facing outbreaks of the Delta variant and may be dealing with similar issues in the near future. This will certainly impact international travel in 2022. There remains a conviction that the Conference will take place later, but the new date has not been defined yet. For more information, visit the WMC: 

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